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julian guajardo composer

Julián Guajardo is a Mexican composer born in september of 1987 who has opened his way through the film score world in the last decade, with teachers like Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, Sinister, Hellraiser), Pete Anthony (orchestrator de The Mandalorian, Tenet, Fantastic beasts, among hundreds more) has shown great compositional versatility for different music genres, from cumbias colombiana to orchestral music. His preparation and studies in composition, orchestration and audio engineering has let him work in a diversity of audiovisual and live scene projects.

Julián has writing music for T.V. that has been heard among 17 countries in Latin America reaching more than 6 million people besides short and long films that are yet to being released.

One of the composer's personal projects is ASTROS a conceptual album of 12 orchestral pieces that shows his work and that it's available on all streaming platforms.

The skill of writing song both spanish and english languages has resulted very useful for his cinematic and contemporary dance projects and has open the door to the formation of his band THE LICS that soon will be releasing its first album on streaming platforms.

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